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Ekphrastic Poetry



“Ourobouros” by Chance Roberts

We are Prima Materia 

displayed concurrently with “Ourobouros” at the Firefly Gathering Emergence Gallery, June 11-14, 2015

The Tail Devourer says

“The All is One”

so a man halts traffic to help someone’s

Granny safely cross


The Ouroboros says

“You are what you eat”

so a woman sips on her tears like wine

enjoys her tender flesh for nosh


The Serpent says

“Life out of Death”

the man takes a leap off the cliff; he’s wanted to

fly since his first dream aloft


The Lemniscate says

“Transcend Duality”

the woman releases judgment and allows love

she walks the same earth but follows her heart


The Universe says

It is “Infinite”

“The Soul of the World”

and “Immortal”

and the humans slay themselves to be born again

embrace the coiled Kundalini

assimilate their shadows


The prima materia of art is man herself.